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5 Benefits of Tart Cherry Juice for Athletes

Thanks to its amazing array of anti-inflammatory properties tart cherry juice has a powerful ...

Ultrarunner Jenn Shelton – BeetBoost Athlete Ambassador

BeetBoost is excited to welcome famed ultrarunner Jenn Shelton as a BeetBoost Ambassador.

Peak Performance Secrets from Olympic Bobsledder Jamie ...

Preparation and recovery come in many forms, and they are vital for training, performance, and ...

Alexi Pappas & BeetBoost: A Winning Combination

I ran faster than ever before during a race that was collectively faster than ever before!

Energy Drink Side Effects on Athletes 

While actively marketing to athletes with claims of improved mental and physical performance, ...

Top 10 Pre-Marathon Race Tips from Elite Runner ...

Lay out your entire race day kit as you pack. Shoes, socks, shorts, top (or not!), sunglasses, ...

Felipe Loureiro: My Haute Route Pyrenees Voyage

The Haute Route Pyrenees is a week-long cycling event that leads riders across the majestic 

Connor Jaeger

Since I've started drinking BeetBoost I have been able to train a lot harder and faster.

Thomas Gerlach

I have always been an athlete. I played a ton of team sports as a kid and was very active in general.