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Connor Jaeger

Train harder, faster with quicker recovery

“BeetBoost has changed the way I approach morning practices. Since I've started drinking BeetBoost I have been able to train a lot harder and faster during those early morning sets, and still recover in time for afternoon practice. I wouldn't say it if I didn't believe it, this stuff is awesome!” 

Conner Jaeger, 2016 Silver Medalist, US Olympic Swim Team

Easy to use, tastes great

“BeetBoost is a crucial part of my routine! I rely on BeetBoost to help me excel in workouts and races and most recently to help me qualify for the 2016 Olympics! BeetBoost is easy to use and tastes better than any other product on the market. I believe in BeetBoost and I cannot imagine my athletic life without it.” 

Alexi Pappas, 2016 Olympic Runner, Greece

Alexi Pappas
RJ Umberger

Reduced fatigue for more training

“BeetBoost has become a must have for me during off season training and in season competition. Not only is it healthy and all natural, it allows me to skate and train harder and longer. It also helps reduce fatigue allowing for even better recovery post exercise.” 

RJ Umberger, Center, Philadelphia Flyers

lisa mcdowell, dietitian, hockey, red wings, nutrition, performance, pro team, beetboost


"BeetBoost is a great example of an extremely functional food that allows you to compete at your best. The athletes I work with enjoy the convenience but more importantly, the improvement in their performance. The reduction of oxygen consumption and the delay of fatigue by 15% is significant to my athletes."

Lisa McDowell, MS, RD, CSSD

Team Sports Dietitian

Detroit Red Wings

keenan robinson, coach, swimming, olympic, team, beetboost


"The addition of BeetBoost has been a wonderful addition to our training group.

The athletes have taken advantage of its natural benefits to enhance their practice sessions and weight routines."

Keenan Robinson

Head Athletic Trainer for the U.S. Olympics Swimming Team

Drew Miller

Performance difference

"I use BeetBoost everyday pre workout, pre-hockey practice, and before games and I feel it makes a huge difference in my performance.” 

Drew Miller, Left Wing, Detroit Red Wings

Effortless workouts and races, naturally

“BeetBoost has become a part of my workout and competition routine! I take it 45 minutes before any hard workout or race and it makes me feel strong and makes my workouts and races feel effortless! BeetBoost has changed my life and has enhanced my performance naturally!”

Geena Gall-Lara, 2012 Olympian & World Relays Gold Medalist

Geena Gall-Lara
Felipe Loureiro

Maximum performance potential

"As a triathlete and coach, I am always in search of the best products to help me and my athletes reach our maximum performance potential. BeetBoost has been a valuable addition to my training routine! I use it during long training rides to help maintain my energy level and I especially enjoy it post-workouts in my recovery smoothies! To help maximize performance, I definitely recommend athletes adding BeetBoost to their training routine!” 

Felipe Loureiro, Pro Triathlete Certified USA Triathlon Coach

megan monroy, triathlete, beetboost


I absolutely love BeetBoost. It's simple, easy to use, it's raw and I don't have to make a mess juicing beets in my juicer! Perfect for on the go!

Megan Monroy


Los Alamitos, CA

chencho lopez, competitor, obstacle course racer, beetboost


“I use BeetBoost for heavy lift days and I felt a great pump and clear and focused mind. I love how clean the BeetBoost is... that really matters to me, and it tastes great.” 

Chencho Lopez

Obstacle Course Racer

San Benito, TX

charlotte backus, cyclist, beetboost


"I used BeetBoost at a marathon and a 71-mile bike race with 6000 foot of elevation. Both times I noticed that I never ran out of energy. I recommend BeetBoost to everyone." 

Charlotte Backus

Team Cyclist

Larkspur, CO

Tanner Hurst

No artificial additives, no energy drink crash

"The refreshing taste and easy to mix packets are something my mind and my body look forward to everyday. It gives me a long lasting energy that is easily noticed without the crash and guilt of energy drink and other artificial substitutes. I can be proud of my health choices and carry on to get through my day of training and school with the up-most confidence that I performed my best in every situation that I was put in. As a cyclist, student, and regular Joe, I recommend BeetBoost to any person that holds an interest in getting the most out of their day while giving the most back to their body and mind.” 

Tanner Hurst, Professional Cyclist, Gallatin, TN

4 major personal bests

“BeetBoost has helped me obtain 4 major personal bests' this season! BeetBoost is not just another product out there on the market. It works! Try it, you won’t be disappointed with the results.” 

Melanie Chargualaf, Obstacle Course Racer, Angelton, TX

Melanie Chargualaf
Matt Saunders

No more walking dead

“With BeetBoost I notice increased ability to 'push it.' I can hammer harder and longer without tiring as fast. I also feel like I am able to breathe easier while going hard. I am able to easily go 1mph faster than I usually do on the exact same ride, and that is a HUGE gain for me. I usually have a very hard time recovering and sleeping after a race, but when I use BeetBoost I am able to sleep a little longer and when I wake I don't feel like I'm dead. When not using BeetBoost I can't sleep and I wake up with all sorts of discomfort and pain. I also notice less intestinal discomfort the day after. BeetBoost is easy to drink.” 

Matt Saunders, Time Trial & Team Cyclist, London, England

john pierre, nutritionist, speaker, vegan, trainer, beetboost


"BeetBoost is a life preserver for the standard American diet. My clients are all raving about the taste and the new found vitality they are experiencing."

John Pierre

Nutrition & Fitness Consultant

Keynote Speaker & Presenter

vicky barclay, cyclist, beetboost


"With BeetBoost I feel really good. I am able to sustain a good pace and stay very focused. I am surprisingly not sore and my recovery is very quick."

Vicki Barclay, PhD

Elite Mountain Biker Racer

Director of Clinical Research

The Institute of Musculoskeletal Science & Education

Paul Duplin

Increased endurance, less heart rate spikes

“I use BeetBoost for my long Sunday workouts - 12 mile trail run with heavy carries along the way (sandbags, logs, buckets). On these mornings, I always eat and drink the same exact thing, and I'm able to determine which supplements work for me. BeetBoost has definitely increased my endurance throughout this workout, and I've also noticed my heart rate does not spike as easily."

Paul Dulin, Obstacle Course Racer, Charlotte, NC

Tart flavor with big results

“I used BeetBoost on some high intensity race practice training rides. I like the not too sweet slightly tart flavor. I was able to do two weekends of training where both days I was putting out big efforts for about 3 hours. I don't do that often, so it was nice feeling strong.”

Addie Bracy, Distance Runner, Longmont, CO

Addie Bracy
John Croom

Help hitting PR & winning an elite national title

"This season has been phenomenal. I have hit PRs in my timed events, made several podiums at the international level and a majority of it is thanks to BeetBoost. I have conquered most of my goals and now I am writing out a new one (as I sip down BeetBoost) . My over all major goal is win an Elite National Title next season which is doable with the help of BeetBoost and training.” 

John Croom, Elite Cyclist

corinna coffin, obstacle course racer, athlete, beetboost


"I took BeetBoost before a submax VO2 test, as well as before one of my obstacle course races. I could go longer than usual before feeling fatigued and hitting a wall."

Corinna Coffin

Obstacle Course Racer

Blacksburg, VA

mitchell rippy, marathon, runner, beetboost


"My endurance was amazing…my recovery time unheard of. I am back at it the next day. Amazing." 

Mitchel Rippy

Marathon Runner

Shelby, NC

jason christiansen, cyclist, mountain biking, athlete, beetboost


“Energy went straight to my legs. They could push just a little longer. I did feel a higher sense of mental clarity. My focus was improved. I felt like I could go just as hard the next day.” 

Jason Christiansen

Mountain Bike Racer

Lindon, UT

Gary Furr

Exercise without pain

"I have always been active and as a result I have had multiple surgeries to repair body parts. As I have gotten older and the aches and pains of injuries have caught up to me, I had found it painful to even walk as a form of exercise. My knees and hips would start hurting. Then came BeetBoost and after two days, there was no pain when I walked. It has literally transformed my life by allowing me to once again exercise without pain."

Gary Furr, MBA, Portland, OR

Healthy taste, convenient packaging

“BeetBoost saves my day on a regular basis. I'm a fitness coach and don't always have time to eat between workouts- I love that I can get from powder to juice to POWER in less than two minutes. Great, healthy taste and convenient packaging. My favorite part is that there are no added sweeteners, just pure nutrients so the energy boost I get doesn't result in a crash (like you find with other energy drinks and packaged protein shakes). NutriGardens for the win!”

Ellen Beaman, Yoga Studio Owner

Ellen Beaman
Dan Connell

Help hitting PR & winning an elite national title

"I use BeetBoost before and during long runs (5 + miles) and 2 hour exercise classes. I like that it doesn’t make me all nervous and hyper like other products. I notice I am able to exercise for longer periods of time when using it as opposed to not using it; I didn't fatigue as quickly. My average run mile time improves when I used it. I also noticed that I’m not as sore afterwards when I use BeetBoost. I have tendonitis in my right shoulder and the pain and inflammation didn't flare up nearly as bad when I used BeetBoost. Rather the inflammation was quite mild. Also, as a practicing vegetarian, I appreciate that BeetBoost is vegan/vegetarian friendly. I recommend BeetBoost.” 

Dan Connell, Obstacle Course Racer, Streamwood, IL

corinna coffin, obstacle course racer, athlete, beetboost


“I LOVE BEET BOOST! It is yummy and it helps me with maintained energy!” 

Albert Kaufman

Marketing Coach

Portland, OR

stephanie chivis, fitness, nutrition, beetboost


I absolutely love Beet Boost! Gives me the fuel I need to crush a workout!” 

Stephanie Chivis

Nutritionist, Fitness Instructor, Runner

Alexandria, VA

rick saggese, baseball, softball, coach, beetboost


"BeetBoost improves my oxygen levels, makes climbing easier and my muscles respond well." 

Pat Jenkins

Team Cyclist

Sherman, TX

About the Inventor

rick perry, inventor, chef, founder, beetboost, vegan

Rick Perry is the inventor and founder of BeetBoost, a super concentrated powdered superfood comprised of just two ingredients: beets + tart cherries. He is a Le Cordon Blue trained chef, recipe tester, bestselling cookbook author, and year-round cyclist.

Rick, his family, and small team of passionate juice lovers provide BeetBoost to Olympians, cyclists, triathletes, runners, pro and collegiate sports teams, and a growing list of every people seeking overall improved health.

Clean. Natural. Proven.

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